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Muppets galore: Rowlf the Dog, Gonzo, kermit, Grover, Ovejita and so on and so forth. This is really just to show how links will show up and is total nonsense.

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Leslie Hope

Pandora is the planet home of the Na'vi, part of the Alpha Centauri star system, and moon of the giant planet Polyphemis. It was discovered 25 years ago by the RDA, and was the most exciting thing that happened to Earth on hundreds of years. Pandora is a planet with rich faura and flora, and for a race that has lost all contact with the natural world (humans) this planet is dangerous and terrifying. Humans decide to go to Pandora to get Unobtainium, a highly rare mineral that can be found only in Pandora. But the air of Pandora is poisonous to humans, so they created the AVTR Program, a program where human DNA is crossed with Na'vi DNA, to get a Na'vi look. Humans, as avatars, infiltrate to the Omaticaya Clan to get Unobtainium and to threaten Pandoran life... Read more...

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